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Cartography of In-Between Space
Cartography of In-Between Space
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Artist: Miroslav Cukovic

The exhibition Cartography of In-Between Space showcases the work of Miroslav Cukovic, an artist of the younger generation, which has been produced in the last three years. His works are based on the unpredictable possibilities of paper as a medium, fertilised by the interventions of collage and printmaking techniques. By addressing the materiality of form as secondary and ephemeral, he has established a spontaneous but pervasive dialogue in his work with the oeuvre of William S. Burroughs.

The works of Miroslav Cukovica build a narrative by creating in-between spaces in emptiness, within which there is constant transition. The artist sees transition as a transformation that bears within itself the idea of the final destination and the future. His works reject the anti-utopian methods of analyses, in which merely objective indices apply. Cukovic takes a different path, creating his own maps of potentiality beyond the closed horizon of the existing social order. This interstitial geography is made up of different mediums: collage, print, ready-made, artist’s book. The artist uses them to explore the cartography of in-between space as his own art practice, developing concepts of space, identity, as well as the re-contextualisation of the individual.

Miroslav Cukovic composes utopian conceptual maps that represent the landscape of his conscious intimate transition and mappings of the current social context. This triggers the need to consider the present as a common space, which conceals the potential of the development and transformation of the individual and the social status.

Miroslav Cukovic (1982) is an American artist of Yugoslav descent. In 2005 he completed his studies at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit (Michigan, USA), where he was also a printmaking lecturer for a time. He also worked as an assistant in the Graphic Arts Department at the Detroit Institute of Arts. He regularly exhibits his prints, drawings, sculptures as well as installations around Europe and in the US, where he has been the recipient of several awards. In 2009, he carried out the intervention Orange Movement in Maribor, and last year, the project The Maribor Milky Way, which was part of the Maribor European Capital of Culture programme.

International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

19 February 2013 –  7 April 2013

Support: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana
Photos: Jaka Babnik/ Archive MGLC

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